Dienstag, 14. Januar 2014

When we first met...

One year ago I met my boyfriend for the very first time... :-)) We had our first date and he was waiting for me at the front of a museum. The street was quite icy and yes, of course, I really did what you probably think... I was slipping on the ice, only a few steps away from him. But hey... I was not falling, only doing a couple of awkward movements to prevent falling down. After my wonderful performance I definitely knew that he was the right guy, because he did not run away. In fact I never asked him if eventually he was only too shocked to run away...
Well, now we´re living together, had in December our first Christmas Eve together with our family and welcomed New Year at Vienna.
To celebrate a little bit our first anniversary, he produced a tasty meal and I gave him this card and a small gift.

Card front


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