Freitag, 8. April 2011

RAK Club and the Legend of Melusina

Hi everyone !

I was so excited when I got my mail today ! I got my very first RAK club card. The club has been created by Creations by Gill M. It's a great idea ! Have a look at her blog if you're interested to join. 

 Thank you Valerie for this wonderful card !

I posted my card today and as the theme was to create a card typical of one's home country I decided to make a card telling about the foundation of Luxembourg. The old name "Lützelburg" means "tiny fortress". In fact Luxembourg was only a rock with a castle on it (in 963 AD). Well, today, Luxembourg isn't much bigger... ;-) We have 500 000 inhabitants actually, but many of them are foreigners.


The Legend of Melusina

Melusina is said to have been the wife of the founder of Luxembourg, Count Siegfried. When they married, she had one particular request, namely that Siegfried must leave her alone for one full day and night every month, and that he should not ask or try to find out what she was doing. Of course, Melusina was such a beautiful girl that Siegfried could not refuse her this one small wish, and all went well for years and years, when on the first Wednesday of the month, Melusina would retire into her chambers in the "Casemates", a network of caverns hewn into solid rock underneath the city, not to be seen again until early light on Thursday.

But one day, Siegfried's curiosity got the better of him. Wondering what on Earth she might be doing alone all the time, he peeped through the keyhole, and was shocked to see that Melusina was lying in the bathtub, with a fishtail hanging over the rim. As you all know, mermaids like Melusina, have a very keen sixth sense, which tells them instantly that they are being watched, and thus she recognised her husband through the door, and jumped out of the window into the river Alzette below, never to be seen again ... except every now and then, some people say they saw a beautiful girl's head pop out of the river, and a fishtail rippling the calm waters of the river Alzette.

Now, here is the card someone will get in the following days (maybe weeks, as the distance between our countries is big).


  1. Leslie - i am so glad you posted your cards today! i am in this RAK club and have been working on my card to send and it is so fun to see what others in the group have created!

  2. What a fantastic posting. I loved reading about the Legend of Melusina and your card is so cute :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. WOW your the first to have received your card so thats brilliant. thanks for posting and sharing. I hope the RAK club will be a big success.

  4. Wonderful legend and great card! Just popping in from the Getting Cricky hop.

  5. I just loved your story!! What a beautiful scenery picture too!! I'm am going to become a follower..Pleaes visiti my blog..I'm a Wisconsin girl!!

  6. I love your London creation, but also sharing about Luxembourg. My dh & I were there in 1996, and I remember that setting; so beautiful.